Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Celebrating KareBear

KareBearOur youngest daughter has many nicknames…

I call her Kay Kay… Her Daddy calls her Munchkin…

She is also called “The Snow Princess”Kay Kay in the snow

Have you ever known anyone whose Birthday Month just suited them to a T???… if so then you understand.. Our Baby LOVES snow… Last year she celebrated her Birthday in Minnesota! Sadly there was no Fresh Snow! But it Was Cold… she told us she had never been so cold in all her life!

But there is so much more to her than that!

These are some of the things that remind me of her….

Baby Kay Kayfraggle_rock_thumbShe-Ra[3]lady n the tramp[2]

But none more than KareBear! and if you know her you understand why! Yes, the Snow Princess is most known as Karebear… because though she loves SNOW… she has a very warm, loving, caring, giving Heart!

Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving… Born at High Noon on a Friday…

Kay Kay at the Gamecock Nation Parade!![2]daddy's little girl 3

Yep, that’s Our Little Girl, Our KayKay, Munchkin, Daddy’s Little Girl.

“She Walks in Beauty as the Night.” Happy Birthday to our Special Winter’s Gift! Love you Baby!


Mommie… AKA… Mamacita


From the Heart said...

My youngest daughter was born on Jan. 16th and there was ice everywhere.

Indian Lake Papa said...

My daughter born April. She puts the "SPRING" in my step!