Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Experiencing Life… Together


When it all began……

              Papa and Nana wedding day_thumb

We were just two young kids.. on a path that has lead to 45 years of Married Bliss…

                                                     Papa n me!

Well… we have shared Bliss and we have shared sorrow…but I believe that what has made it work is that we have Shared!  The BLISS and the Sorrow… and counted on Our God to sort it all out.

I have often heard it said that compromise is what makes marriage work.. but after all these years, I have come to realize it’s all about LOVE… lots and lots of Love.. Unconditional Love and understanding. Realizing that men and women are different…and accepting and embracing our differences in order to cooperate with each other as we walk this Path of Life together!!  Each partner bringing their gifts and talents to the partnership.. and embracing the gifts and talents of the other…we have become knit together for a Lifetime.

Easy??? Heck No!! but worth the love we share, the life we share… the loved ones we share…Yes!!

kids n me!Sunset Beach 2010


and as I write this… many many memories come to mind, the good, the bad… the ugly… but all of this is a part of the story a part of Our Story..…part of our lives together.

We have learned so much and are still learning about how married life works…as we did the “Love Dare” together and Financial Peace.. we have been given true ‘nuggets’ to keep building our lives on…

Understanding that True Unconditional love is what it’s all about and why it is so Important in a Marriage relationship.

Partners for Life… Partners in Life…

and looking forward to many more years of

Life Together.

“Now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

I could write all of Chapter 13 here!!




LaughingLady said...

AMEN. And congratulations on your upcoming anniversary with hopes and prayers for many, many more!

From the Heart said...

A beautiful reading of your lives together. I could take all you said and put it on my blog tomorrow. The only difference is, it's our 50th. Lots of love, problems, on and on. It's been a good life and I give God all the praise for bringing us this far.

From the Heart said...

Sorry, but I meant to put Sunday, the 23rd is our 50th.